Buy generic Levitra without a prescription

Generic Levitra (Vardenafil): How does it differ from the original Levirtra?

In some aspects, such as name, appearance and price, these two drugs are distinguished from each other. But as for the most important point, that is, its composition, Levitra and Vardenafil (Generic Levitra) are the same. Their effectiveness in the treatment of erectile dysfunction will be identical.

Generic Levitra - Product Information

Generic Levitra is a potency medicine with the active ingredient vardenafil, developed by the German pharmaceutical company Bayer HealthCare in Germany. Vardenafil has been shown to be a credible and well-tolerated component for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men in several clinical trials. Generic Levitra is significantly cheaper than the Bayer brand product, but is absolutely identical in terms of effects. As it is a PDE-5 inhibitor, the mechanism of action is quite similar to that of Viagra Original. This ingredient is particularly popular due to its very insignificant side effects compared to similar drugs. This product is found in doses of 10mg, 20mg, 40mg and 60mg.



What are the benefits and advantages of Generic Levitra (Vardenafil)?

1 - Generic Levitra is cheaper!

The active substance in Levitra is called Vardenafil. It is manufactured and sold for much less by laboratories manufacturing generics. Not having to fund research laboratories and promote their product, they can offer a generic cheaper than the branded product. Generic Levitra is, of course, much cheaper than the brand name product.

2 - Generic Levitra is available in a lighter dosage

The lowest dose of Levitra is 5 mg (10 mg tablet cut in half). This drug therefore has the advantage of being available in a lighter dosage than other treatments for erectile dysfunction. Unlike sildenafil (Viagra) and tadalafil (Cialis) levitra is suitable for men with diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol. It is for this reason that it can be prescribed to elderly patients or those with certain medical conditions that may prevent them from taking other medicines for impotence.

3 - Generic Levitra has fewer side effects

Side effects from Generic Levitra are relatively rare. The most common side effect of taking Levitra is headache, reported in one in ten users.

 Up to one in 100 people have developed nosebleeds, indigestion, redness, and dizziness. Less than 1 in 100 patients taking Levitra have experienced serious side effects.

4 - Generic Levitra online, it's more discreet!

Buying online allows for total confidentiality, which is not always guaranteed at the pharmacy counter. Many patients do not dare to contact their neighborhood pharmacist in the event of a pathology that they consider shameful, such as male impotence. For these people, the Internet makes it possible to access the drug without feeling embarrassed. When you live in a village and your somewhat gossipy neighbor is in line at the pharmacy behind you, you don't want her to know about your sexual troubles!



5 - Order generic Levitra from one of our recommended online pharmacies

Order generic Levitra from one of our recommended online pharmacies and take advantage of their rates. Promotions are offered, and you are rewarded for your loyalty. From the lowest dosage of Vardenafil 10mg per pill to the highest dosage of 60mg you are spoiled for choice.

6 - Where can you buy Generic Levitra without a prescription?

To order Generic Levitra you do not need a prescription or medical advice although it is advised. Self-medication is dangerous, especially if you have heart, liver, and kidney problems. Starting with consultations can help you choose your treatment wisely. Avoid possible complications that can make impotence irreversible. Please note possible side effects and contraindications. Detailed information can be found in the instruction leaflet or at the request of the pharmacy customer service. If you are not sure whether you will be tolerant to Vardenafil, see a doctor.

Generic Levitra how does it work?

Levitra has as active substance the molecule vardenafil which is an inhibitor of pde5. The role of vardenafil is to increase the blood flow inside the penis in a man who is in a state of desire (arousal) when taking the drug in order to make it easier to obtain and maintain an erection. Taking levitra therefore makes it possible to obtain or maintain an erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual activity. This medicine will only be effective if the man is in a situation of desire (sexually stimulating). The levitra effect may last up to 5 hours after taking it.

Instructions for use Generic Levitra

Before using Levitra, consult your doctor and discuss with him all the recommendations and instructions that you should follow for 100% use within the specifications of the product. The doctor will guide you in the dosage and the prescription per dose. The median dose for one dose is 10 mg, but it may be corrected by your doctor, depending on the severity of the disease and the response to treatment. Do not change the dosage independently. Levitra should be taken about 15 minutes before sex. When you take levitra in an empty stomach, it kicks in immediately. The duration of Levitra is approximately 5 hours.

What are the effects of Generic Levitra?

Experiencing impotence and erectile dysfunction often puts men in a more or less alarming condition, but some of these chronic ailments can be treated with generic Levitra. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by events that cause psychopathological stress, or by hypertension, inappropriate sugar levels, arteriosclerosis, or age. From the first take, it remedies erectile dysfunction promptly. Generic Levitra is not for people without sexual dysfunction. Generic Levitra is not approved for women.



What are the side effects of Generic Levitra?

Side effects from Generic Levitra are relatively rare. However, inform yourself about the possible risks before ordering this product for the first time. The most common side effects are headaches, a stuffy nose, and skin with reddish patches. It can also lead to red eyes (especially in overdose), numbness in the hands or feet, and heart problems. If you are concerned and want to know whether the active ingredient Vardenafill is right for you, ask your doctor for advice. If you have chronic heart problems or circulatory disease, do not buy Generic Levitra. In extremely rare cases, allergic reactions can occur.